Client Reviews

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At the end of every inspection I ask my client to review my performance.

Five Stars


Jake Neverdahl – Littleton, CO

Jake Neverdahl, Littleton, CO

Five Stars

“He was very thorough and polite & explained his findings as he went.”   4/19/17

Amy McKee – Aurora, CO

Amy Mckee, Aurora, CO

Five Stars


Cheng Lim – Westminster, CO

Cheng Lim, Westminster, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very thorough and we would certainly recommend him. He was also very courteous and answered all of our questions.”   3/4/17

David H. – Arvada, CO

David H., Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very professional and explained all of the issues he found and things that need fixing.   1/9/16

A. & D. C. – Arvada, CO

A. & D. C., Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas’s service was thorough and courteous. His knowledge and professionalism was greatly appreciated and helpful.   7/9/16

Kevin T. – Centennial, CO

Kevin T., Centennial, CO

Five Stars
“Thomas has inspected several homes for me. He is extremely detailed in his inspection. He is professional and courteous.”  6/19/15
Vicki Goldman – Denver, Colorado

Vicki Goldman, Denver, CO

Five Stars
“Tom was very professional and easy to deal with. I’d certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a home inspector.”  6/10/15
Justin Connor – Thornton, Colorado

Justin Connor, Thornton, CO

Five Stars
“Thomas was super nice, very patient and explained everything to me. Great home inspector especially for a first time home buyer. I would certainly recommend him.”  6/1/15
C.M.P. – Denver, Colorado

C. M. P., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas did a wonderful job. He was thorough and precise with his findings. He explained everything to us very well.”   7/5/15

Shannon Yoder – Aurora, CO

Shannon Yoder, Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Fantastic, Thorough, Knowledgeable, definitely will recommend!   5/14/15

Jimmie Helms – Parker, CO

Jimmie Helms, Parker, CO

Five Stars

“Very friendly and professional and explained things in a way I could understand.”   4/12/15

Monica Yong – Denver, CO

Monica Yong, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Fantastic job, Very thorough!!!”   4/25/15

M.D. – Arvada, CO

M.D., Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“I appreciate the courtesy, patience, and thoroughness.”   5/6/15

A.N. – Denver, CO

A.N., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very attentive, professional and thorough in his inspection. Would highly recommend his services.”   3/18/15

Mathew Woolman – Denver, CO

Mathew Woolman, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas the inspector was very professional, informative and friendly. I’ve learned a lot about the condition of the house and how to maintain it, I’d recommend him to anyone who’d need an inspection.”   3/20/15

Khanh Nguyen – Aurora, CO

Khanh Nguyen, Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Our inspection went very well. He was thorough, clear in all explanations, and made sure he was available for questions any time.”   2/24/15

A.L. – Aurora, CO

A.L., Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“As the home buyer I was the priority for the entire inspection. Any question I had was addressed and no question was to small”   10/18/15

Brad Cunningham – Commerce City, CO

Brad Cunningham, Commerce City, CO

Five Stars

“I was very impressed with the thoroughness and explanations given to me during the inspection.”   6/6/15

R.J. – Thornton, CO

R.J., Thornton, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was a pleasure to work with, appreciated the detail.”   1/17/15

J.W. – Denver, CO

J.W., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Fantastic and thorough inspection, at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend!”     1/17/14

Jeffrey R. Schell    Denver, Colorado

Jeffery R. Schell, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Tom was able to clearly explain issues that he observed and made recommendations or directed to an appropriate expert.”     1/28/14

C.B.    Denver, CO

Charles B., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was extremely thorough & patient regarding my questions. He explained findings in depth if I asked.”      2/1014

T.M.    Denver, CO

Teya M., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Great Job, very impressed: Thank You!”   3/23/14

Sean McLeod – Dacono, CO

Sean McLeod, Dacono, CO

Five Stars

“First time home buyers, Really satisfied with the quality of the inspection.”      3/29/14

R.P.G.   Northglenn, CO

Rene G., Northglenn, CO

Five Stars

“Awesome inspection! Very thorough and pointed out everything to us as he found them.”      4/19/14

Kelly Cates   Arvada, CO

Kelley Cates, Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Highly recommend Keystone Inspections. Very courteous and helpful staff worked with me until I had a complete understanding of the home. I feel very informed.”      5/2/14

Etienne Cremieux   Boulder, CO

Etienne Cremieux, Boulder, CO

Five Stars

“Very thorough, 1st time home buyers and he did a great job of answering all of our questions.”        5/16/14

Jennifer C.    Denver, CO

Jennifer C., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Excellent. A pleasure to work with him.”       5/21/14

B.B.   Denver, CO

Brady B, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Extremely helpful, full of information and easy to work with.”        5/28/14

Devon Posey   Arvada, CO

Devon Posey, Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Friendly and thorough.”   6/10/14

Jeff C. – Westminster, CO

Jeff C., Westminster, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas and Keystone did an excellent job with the inspection. I’m very pleased with the business.”       6/19/14

Corey Brown    Lakewood, CO

Corey Brown, Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Very professional, Thorough!”       7/11/14

C.T.   Arvada, CO

Chris T., Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas has been very professional and accommodating through the whole process. He was also less expensive than the inspector my realtor suggested. Overall a great experience. Thanks”       7/20/14

Cody Notch    Arvada, CO

Cody Notch, Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Very knowledgeable and thorough”      7/23/14

Thomas Davis   Morrison, CO

Thomas Davis, Morrison, CO

Five Stars

“Was very pleased with everything. Tremendous explanations. Great with attention to concerns.”      8/7/14

Kyle Sabo    Northglenn, CO

Kyle Sabo, Northglenn, CO

Five Stars

“I had a wonderful experience with your company. He was very thorough, courteous and answered all of my questions.”       9/12/14

Holie Romero  Littleton, CO

Holie Romero, Littleton, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was wonderful. Very complete, very friendly. Excellent experience!”      9/19/14

Kyle Sabo   Westminster, CO

Kyle Sabo, Westminster, CO

Five Stars

“Great Job!”       9/30/14

Philip Jones   Denver, CO

Philip Jones, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Great Service! Very helpful!!”      10/12/14

J.S.  Thornton, CO

Jamie S., Thornton, CO

Five Stars

“I was very happy with the inspection. He Addressed all of my concerns. He was very friendly and detailed.”       10/31/14

Jeanette Byrne   Monument, CO

Jeanette Byrne, Monument, CO

Five Stars

“Explained everything well.”      11/15/14

N.L.  Aurora, CO

N.L., Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Great job. Very thorough and his attention to detail was great. Very approachable and explained and of my concerns.”   10/15/11

Joshua Angel – Morrison, CO

Joshua Angel, Morrison, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas Beech was very Professional and knowledgeable. Provided me with answers to all my questions. I would recommend Thomas Beech to anyone without thinking twice.”   1/16/16

Gabe S. – Broomfield, CO

Gabe S., Broomfield, CO

Five Stars

“The inspector was very kind and knowledgeable. Very impressed.”   7/19/16

Zachary Atencio – Westminster, CO

Zachary Atencio, Westminster, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very Thorough with the inspection, answered all my questions clearly and was very prompt.”   2/15/17

M.T. – Denver, CO

M. T., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“The inspection I received was thorough and well explained. Thomas was very polite and patient with all of my questions.”   1/11/17

Deb T. – Lochbuie, CO

Deb T., Lochbuie, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very thorough and explained each step of the process. He was very helpful in our purchase of this home. He was very knowledgeable in his line of work.   7/16/16

Cecelia M. Cardona – Denver, CO

Cecelia M. Cardona, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Tom was extra helpful and made a same day appointment, which is very nice. Very Professional.”   3/14/17

Jack A. – Arvada, CO

Jack A., Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“The inspection was very thorough and Thomas did a great job answering any questions I had.   1/8/16

Cynthia L. – Denver, CO

Cynthia L., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very detailed and thorough on inspecting the house. He provided details on concerns that may need to be addressed. Very polite and professional.”   8/11/15

Daralynn Butler – Arvada, CO

Daralynn Butler, Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Keystone Home Inspections is great at what they do! Kind courteous service one wishes to get everywhere.”   6/25/15

N.D. – Denver, CO

N.D., Denver, CO

Five Stars
“Very friendly and professional, definitely recommend!” 6/19/15
P.S.   Wheat Ridge, CO

P.S., Wheat Ridge, CO

Five Stars
“Great Service, very thorough, very knowledgeable!” 6/18/15
David Schultz   Thornton, CO

David Schultz, Thornton, CO

Five Stars
“Thomas was very professional and made sure that I understood what was going on. He made me feel comfortable with my purchase and I am very satisfied.” 6/3/15
Thanarat Phuvapaisalkij,   Denver, CO

Thanarat Phuvapaisalkij, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Our inspection was thorough, quick and very helpful. Would highly recommend. Thomas made helpful recommendations for maintenence.”   3/27/15

Brian Shimamoto – Denver, CO

Brian Shimamoto, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was thorough, professional and friendly. He explained his findings in a way that was clear and easy to undeerstand.”   4/13/15

Lisa Corcoran – Lakewood, CO

Lisa Corcoran, Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Thorough and professional.”   4/30/15

Derek C. – Denver, CO

Derek C., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Very professional & friendly, a pleasure t work with.”   3/17/15

April Adams – Lakewood, CO

April Adams, Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“I’m impressed with the professionalism, and attentiveness of Thomas. I would highly recommend him!”   3/3/15

Hope Miller – Denver, CO

Hope Miller, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas did a great job with our inspection; he really took the time to expain everything to a nervous first time home buyer. Thanks so much!.”   1/13/15

A.G. – Aurora, CO

A.G., Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Did a great job explaining everything to us, and answered every question.”   10/4/15

V.M. – Lakewood, CO

V.M., Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Very professional & explained well. Highly recommend.”   1/8/15

L.V. – Aurora, CO

L.V., Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“I thought this was a very thorough inspection. Tom did a great job explaining his findings.”   1/9/15

Steven Reedy – Highlands Ranch, CO

Steven Reedy, Highlands Ranch, CO

Five Stars

“Great service and attention to detail. Thanks!”       1/17/14

S.G.    Morrison, Colorado

Sara G., Morrison, CO

Five Stars


Tory Foster – Westminster, CO

Tory Foster, Westminster, CO

Five Stars

“Great Service”        2/13/14

Justin Ganoe    Arvada, CO

Justin Ganoe, City, CO

Five Stars

“Findings were thorough and easily explained”       3/13/14

Phil N.   Denver, CO

Phil N., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very engaged and attentive to our needs. All questions were answered.”       4/14/14

Alan Bodaness – Aurora, CO

Alan Bodaness, Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“I would highly recommend you to a friend or a client as I was very satisfied with your professionalism and precision.”      4/21/14

H.K.    Denver, CO

H.K, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Very informative and professional.”        5/8/14

L.L.    Black Hawk, CO

Lucas L., Black Hawk, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was great & explained everything in detail & in a way that I could easily understand. A+ Guy!”       5/17/14

Anneice Mancanares   Brighton, CO

Anneice Mancanares, Brighton, CO

Five Stars

“Did  a great job”       5/26/14

A.L.   Brighton, CO

Anthony L., Brighton, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was punctual, courteous and professional. Thorough in his checking. Will certainly recommend his services to my friends.”       5/29/14

Moksuda McKeithan   Castle Rock, CO

Maksuda McKeithan, Castle Rock, CO

Five Stars

“Extremely thorough, professional, friendly and experienced. Made me comfortable and patiently answered questions in easy to understand terminology.”      6/11/14

Ronda Parker   Lakewood, CO

Rhonda Parker, Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Keystone Home Inspections found things on my brand new, new build that I wouldn’t have thought to be broken. I’m very glad I got this inspection done.”        6/23/14

C. T.    Denver, CO

Chris T., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Keystone was Great! Very thorough. Took the time to answer my questions. Explain what he saw and provide recommendations. I highly recommend.”      7/12/14

Ben Youngdahl   Denver, CO

Ben Youngdahl, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was an AWESOME inspector. Who did a very thorough inspection & explained topics very well. Thomas is very knowledgeable. GREAT JOB & INSPECTOR!”        7/19/14

Rita Unruh   Parker, CO

Rita Unruh, Parker, CO

Five Stars

“Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable”       7/24/14

S. S.   Denver, CO

Sheila S., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Strongly recommend having a home inspection to make sure you buy a home that will not be a money pit. That’s why I’m so happy Thomas took the time to thoroughly go through the home.”       8/13/14

Peter Czarnecki    Denver, CO

Peter Czarnecki, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“He took time to answer all my questions, never felt rushed.”      9/14/14

Robert Coffman   Arvada, CO

Robert Coffman, Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“I was very impressed with my home inspection experience; from the thoroughness, great explanations and attention to detail.”       9/25/14

C.C.   Littleton, CO

Chris C., Littleton, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas took the time to go through the whole property and gave us very detailed information regarding the property.”      10/5/14

H.S.  Brighton, CO

H. S., Brighton, CO

Five Stars

“Did a great job, very thorough inspection, feeling very confident in further buying the house.”       10/14/14

S.K.   Denver, CO

Stephen K, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was knowledgeable and courteous”      11/14/14

Joel Hanson    Northglenn, CO

Joel Hanson, Northglenn, CO

Five Stars

“Very thorough. Pointed out things to keep an eye on. In our case the home owner was on the property and Thomas was not intimidated.”   11/18/11

Susan Kochevar – Westminster, CO

Susan Kochevar, Westminster, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas did a great job & answered any and all questions we had.”   4/29/17

Megan Faivre – Castle Rock, CO

Megan Faivre, Castle Rock, CO

Five Stars


Marco R. – Aurora, CO

Marco R., Aurora, CO

Five Stars


J. A. – Arvada, CO

J. A., Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very helpful and knowledgeable. I’m happy that he was the inspector.”   4/22/17

Y.M. – Aurora, CO

Yuri M., Aurora, CO

Five Stars


Melinda O. – Lakewood, CO

Melinda O., Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was professional and knowledgeable.   5/27/16

Nathan Canaday – Henderson, CO

Nathan Canaday, Henderson, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very informational and courteous.”   1/23/17

Sharon Segeser – Lakewood, CO

Sharon Segeser, Lakewood, CO

Five Stars
“Very professional and great to work with.”  6/18/15
Charles M.   Aurora, Colorado

Charles M., Aurora, CO

Five Stars
“The service was efficient and thorough.”  6/5/15
Kurt H.   Thornton, Colorado

Kurt H., Thornton, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very friendly and had great attention to detail. Much appreciated.   3/8/15

Josh Yamaguchi – Aurora, CO

Josh Yamaguchi, Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was the best. I had no knowledge of a lot of what we talked & he was excellent at explaining everything. Loved his attitude!! He deserves and earns a raise!   7/9/15

Jose Sigala – Denver, CO

Jose Sigala, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“He was super nice and did a great job!   5/31/15

Brian Chambliss – Denver, CO

Brian Chambliss, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas did an extemely thorough inspection, indicated areas that need attention and very patient.”   3/31/15

G.S. – Centennial, CO

G.S., Centennial, CO

Five Stars

“Great Job!”   4/29/15

Branden Ledbetter – Henderson, CO

Branden Ledbetter, Henderson, CO

Five Stars

“Going into inspections, my husband and I had a lot of concerns about the house we were buying. Thomas took the time to go through everything thoroughly and explain everything along the way. We have a much better idea of the state of the house now. Thomas was friendly, professional, and personable. We are grateful for his help.”   3/15/15

S.V. – Golden, CO

S.V., Golden, CO

Five Stars

“Keystone Home Inspections was thorough, punctual, and priced fairly. We got excellent service and very pleased with our inspection.”   3/4/15

Jenny Anderson – Erie, CO

Jenny Anderson, Erie, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was detailed, thorough and cooperative, he explained everything as he went along, thx.”   2/25/15

R.B. – Denver, CO

R.B., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Professional, thorough and gave tips along with explanations with his findings. Great for first time buyers!”   2/15/15

Katie Gallardo – Lakewood, CO

Katie Gallardo, Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very efficient & meticulous on his inspection. We appreciate his careful attention to major & minor concerns.”   10/7/15

Alan F. – Littleton, CO

Alan F., Littleton, CO

Five Stars

“Great Job, very thorough and explained all issues well.”   1/3/15

K.D. – Lakewood, CO

K.D., Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Excellent Service! Would definitely use again. Tom was great!”   1/10/15

A.R. – Aurora, CO

A.R., Aurora, CO

Five Stars


Joel Gardea – Denver, CO

Joel Gardea, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was very thorough and trustworthy in his examination and explanation of my concerns and several items I had not considered. Thank You!”        2/8/14

E. M. – Lakewood, CO

Evan M., Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Excellent service – quick appt. and thorough.”         2/17/14

Elizabeth T.   Lakewood, CO

Elizabeth Trollinger, Lakewood, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was great. He explained everything & answered all our questions.”      3/26/14

Jay Carlson   Black Hawk, CO

Jay Carlson, Black Hawk, CO

Five Stars

“Detailed, Patient inspection with excellent discussion of short and near term action items.”        4/17/14

J.R.   Denver, CO

J. R., Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was great, looked at everything and addressed all of my concerns. Was on time and very quick without sacrificing quality.”       4/24/14

Corbin L.    Englewood, CO

Corbin Longshore, Englewood, CO

Five Stars

“Thank you for showing me what to look out for in the future on this house. I learned new things that I would have missed.”       5/10/14

Matt Myers   Thornton, CO

Matt Myers, Thornton, CO

Five Stars

“Very thorough, would definitely use again!”        5/17/14

Paul Blitz   Aurora, CO

Paul Blitz, Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Have used Thomas for multiple inspections & will continue to use him in the future.”      5/27/14

Jared Theis   Denver, CO

Jared Theis, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Tom was great. Everything went very well. I would use him again. All of your employees should be just like Tom.”        6/1/14

W. Scott Hagan    Aurora, CO

Scott Hagan, Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was on time and professional. He was friendly and easy to work with. Seemed very thorough and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.”       6/19/14

Na Luu    Denver, CO

Na Luu, Denver, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas is very thorough & explains everything. We’ve used him twice, & are very pleased.”     6/30/14

Jay Carlson  Black Hawk, CO

Jay Carlson, Black Hawk, CO

Five Stars

“Very thorough & efficient”       7/15/14

K.W.    Arvada, CO

Kip W., Arvada, CO

Five Stars

“Very detailed & explained issues as they were found.”       7/21/14

Christine Kositzke   Thornton, CO

Christine Kositzke, Thornton, CO

Five Stars

“Very thorough, Very detail oriented, Very courteous.”       8/2/14

Susan Drawbaugh   Golden, CO

Susan Drawbaugh, Golden, CO

Five Stars

“Very willing to answer questions & explain things & thorough.”       8/30/14

Carli Martin   Broomfield, CO

Carli Martin, Broomfield, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas did a great job!”       9/18/14

M.H.  Aurora, CO

M.H., Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Thomas was an amazing inspector. Very knowledgeable, thorough, willing to discuss/explain any/all issues. Professional!!”       9/25/14

Stephanie Magin   Littleton, CO

Stephanie Magin, Littleton, CO

Five Stars

“My Inspection was very thorough and the inspector was very helpful”      10/11/14

P.S.   Broomfield, CO

Patrick S, Broomfield, CO

Five Stars

“Mr. Thomas was great. Have used him on 2 inspections. Will recommend to anyone.”      10/15/14

K.A.I.  Golden, CO

Kimberly I., Golden, CO

Five Stars

“Feel much better about my investment now. Great Job!”       12/15/14

A.S.  Aurora, CO

A. S., Aurora, CO

Five Stars

“Excellent Job!”     12/19/14

B.W.  Lakewood, CO

B. W., Lakewood, CO

Five Stars
“Thomas Beech was very professional and thorough with the inspection. I would use him again.”   12/26/11

Justine Axline – Centennial, CO

Justine Axline, Centennial, CO