End of Warranty Inspection

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Documentation of items in need of repair.

In order to ensure that one of the largest investments of your life will continue to provide you the most security possible, we offer a complete home inspection. We will verify that your home does not have any apparent visual structural, roofing, and exterior problems, check all mechanical items including the electrical, and examine plumbing and heating/air conditioning systems for proper installation and operation.


If we find any items that are not installed properly, or are a health or safety concern, you may then contact your original builder to correct these items at no cost to you before the one year warranty expires. If no adverse conditions are observed, you will have the peace of mind that you have made a sound investment, plus you will benefit from our many maintenance suggestions.
You could be saving hundreds to many thousands of dollars by having the builder correct any deficiencies before your one year anniversary, and thus avoiding an expense to you after the warranty expires.
Your inspection will take approximately 2 to 3 hours and will include a complete exterior and interior examination of your home.

Please check your builder’s warranty to confirm that your coverage of these items is about to expire and contact us at 303-638-7993 to schedule an appointment.
At the end of the inspection you will be provided a detailed listing of any deficiencies found.
Our fee for this End of Warranty service is $195 for homes under 3000 square feet (not including basement). The fee is $45 more for homes larger than 3000 square feet (not including basement). You will receive your digital inspection report including pictures within 24 hours of the inspection. Your comprehensive report includes a summary page.

Sample Report