How to Get Ready for Your Home Inspection

To ensure that a complete and comprehensive inspection can be performed, contact your agent and confirm that:

  • The water, electricity and natural gas are ALL turned on.
  • The main water valve INSIDE the house is turned on.
  • ALL electrical breakers are turned on.
  • The water valves under ALL sinks and toilets are turned on.
  • The water heater, furnace and gas fireplace pilot lights are lit.

Liability limitations prevent the inspector from doing any of the above.

Finally, verify that access has been arranged for the correct time and date and confirm that appointment with the inspector(s) and your agent.

At the Inspection

If you plan to be present during the inspection (highly recommended), the inspector will meet you and your agent at the property. You will be asked to review the agreement explaining what the inspector will be doing for you. Payment will be required at that time.

The inspector will invite you to accompany him as he examines the home. However, he will not allow you to use his ladder to join him on the roof. Further, he will caution you away from any potential hazards in any area he needs to inspect.

The time of the inspection may not be the best the time to bring family, children or friends to see the house. Consider arranging such events for a separate time with your agent. It is important that you devote your entire attention to the inspector and his commentary. You, and your partner do not want the inspector or yourselves to be distracted during this important event.

It will be helpful to bring a clipboard and pad to take notes of what the inspector discusses and things that you observe. Your inspector will provide you with a wealth of information and tips about your new home in addition to the full inspection report.

At the end of the inspection the inspector will  answer any further questions you may have.

The full inspection report will generally be available within 24 hours.