Thomas Beech


Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors


It's the Way I Do Things

When you schedule a home inspection with Keystone, I will personally perform the inspection for you. During the inspection I want you to accompany me as I explain what we discover about the house. Every house is different and I never tire of exploring every detail and prying out the secrets of its past.

During the inspection, you and I will be looking for things that might not be right or might be defective. But, even more important, I have the priceless skill of being able to see what is not there but should be. Without that skill, a home inspection would be just half of an inspection. Missing vents, missing electrical grounding, missing safety features, missing roof flashing, and the list goes on.

My background in home remodeling provides me with an insight that many inspectors just do not have. Over the past 9 years I have inspected more than 1000 homes and every inspection has added to my knowledge. Plus, I spend hundreds of hours every year in advanced training and certification classes. I am very proud of my Certified Master Inspector rating because it represents over 20,000 hours of training and experience in my vocation.

When I show up at a home inspection, I am focused on your needs. I am determined to provide the best and most thorough home inspection I can during the time we have in the house. Afterward, I will spend an equal amount of time in preparing my report. I will organize and craft my report in as clear a manner as possible, complete with a concise summary that you and your agent can use to complete your objections letter efficiently and on time.

But, even then, I am not yet done, because I am your personal adviser regarding that report for as long as you need my assistance.

Every inspection I perform is the best one I have ever performed.

You will be pleased . . . I guarantee it.