Sample Report

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After the Inspection

You will receive your copy of the inspection report within 24 hours. The inspector will also forward the report to your agent and any other party you or your agent designated, but not to anyone else. The report will contain numerous photographs taken during the inspection, including photos of most of the deficiencies discovered. The report will tell you which problems the inspector considered significant or hazardous. If the inspector found deficiencies that you want corrected, your agent should work with you to prepare an objection letter to present to the seller. If you or your agent need to contact the inspector to clarify details regarding the deficiencies, please call 303.638.7993.

On this website is a list of contractors which I have found reliable. They remain on my LIST OF PREFERRED CONTRACTORS as long as I do not receive adverse comments. It is in your best interest to call multiple contractors in the same field to get several quotes and then decide whom will best fit your needs and budget. Also, be sure to read the “Now That You’ve Had A Home Inspection” book, that you will receive at the time of your inspection. There are some great ideas and suggestions to help you maintain your new home in good and safe condition. And, even some ways to save energy.

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